<Exchange Salon HIKARI>

Date of foundation: May 2012 Address: Room 18, 30-5 Aza Muronoki Kita, Otsuki-machi, Koriyama-city, Fukushima, 963-0201 TEL&FAX:024-983-1860 / Parent organization: Incorporated non-profit organization FUYODO 2100 Foundation director/ Yoshio Satomi, Vice chief director/ Yasuhiro Osawa



<Purpose of Activity>

There are victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake who are forced to live in provisional housing. Especially, parents of children with disabilities feel stressed to see their children who are disturbed by the change of environment. Evacuees from eight towns and villages in Futaba-county send their children with special needs to the schools for disabled children in Koriyama city. However, the number of children who go to these schools is higher in Koriyama city than other cities in Fukushima prefecture. Therefore, when parents use temporary child care center after school, they have to use multiple institutions. Even children without disabilities, who have to move away from their familiar surroundings and live as evacuees, feel uneasy while going to general elementary and junior high schools. Therefore, many children with disabilities, especially children with autism, have been continuously disturbed by the change of environment. We have established “Exchange salon HIKARI” in Koriyama city in Fukushima prefecture, where parents of children with special needs can visit freely, consult and share their problems with other parents. Moreover, we try to solve their problems and alleviate stress of family members of disabled children.




<Aim of “Exchange Salon HIKARI”>

We aim to establish a foundation of support for children with autism and developmental disability throughout their lifetime from childhood to adult. We share problems about child rearing with parents of children with autism and developmental disability and think about solution together. Moreover, we work on rehabilitation activities from early stage, education for necessary life skills to live in the society, job seeking assistance for living independently and support for leisure activities in which disabled children can live in a meaningful life. Along with these activities, we are committed to long-term activity focusing on the most important enlightenment activities in the society. We think about something to live for with people with disabilities and people who support them. We share enjoyment with disabled people by understanding their disabilities, and work on developing personal strengths of disabled children while respecting their differences and abilities. We are committed to support children with disabilities to extend their abilities for the purpose of “living independently” and realize self-sufficient lives while facing disabilities.



<Description of activities>

1. Consultation of problems with family members of children with disabilities

2. Hosting workshop of rehabilitation specialists

3. Exchange of information with family members of disabled children using social media

4. Conducting experience learning activity “Michikusa burabura tankentai”

Working hour:

Weekday 9:00 - 18:00/ Saturday 9:00 - 13:00/ Regular holiday: Sunday and public holiday



Non-proliferative organization “FUYODO”

Becoming organic leaf mold is what we can do for children in the future in 2100 .

We have continuously conducted activities with a focus on “Reconstruction assistance project for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake” and “Support project for child-rearing and people with disabilities”.

1) Reconstruction assistance project for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake

2) Project hosting and supporting local revitalization events

3) Project providing lecture, information and education for experiences in a natural environment

4) Project protecting children from radiation contamination and promoting sound growth of children

5) Project supporting child-rearing and people with disabilities

6) Project supporting development of vocational ability and expanding employment opportunities

7) Day-service project for children after school based on Child Welfare Act

8) Child development support project based on Child Welfare Act

9) Project of record and publicity activity for the Great East Japan Earthquake

10) Project providing materials and related articles to host above-mentioned events and activities

11) Project accompanying above mentioned projects


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